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Preparing for PC-11

As everyone in the industry should know by now, new truck engine oil is due to hit the market on Dec. 1. The introduction of the new PC-11 engine oil performance category will result in the largest change in oil specifications the industry has seen in a generation.

In an effort to help consumers identify the new oil, the American Petroleum Institute (API) will introduce a special Service Symbol Donut of the recently approved API FA-4 diesel engine oil, which is designed to protect the next generation of diesel engines. API approved two new diesel oil standards, FA-4 and CK-4, earlier this year.

“API is introducing a diesel engine oil category for use in truck engines designed to meet 2017 model year on-highway greenhouse gas emission standards,” said Kevin Ferrick, senior manager for engine oil licensing. “The FA-4 donut was developed to help truck owners who need FA-4 oils easily recognize the oil and distinguish it from CK-4 oils.”

The new donut features a shaded section to differentiate API FA-4 diesel oils from CK-4 oils. The API CK-4 Service Symbol Donut will look the same as the current CJ-4 Donut.

Most truck manufacturers recommending API-licensed CJ-4 engine oils will likely recommend API CK-4 oils as soon as they are available to better protect today’s diesel engines. API FA-4 oils have been designed to protect diesel engines that are expected to be introduced in 2017. API recommends that technicians and consumers check with the manufacturer of their engine to determine the correct oil to use.

Visit NewDieselOil.com for more information about the new API CK-4 and FA-4 engine oils standards.

In an effort to bridge the knowledge gap that surrounds the changes and benefits PC_11 will bring, Petro-Canada Lubricants, a Suncor business, has officially launched its ‘Here Comes the Future’ campaign website, a source of information to support business leaders in their decision making processes ahead of the introduction of PC-11 heavy duty diesel engine oils this December.

The campaign website, http://www.herecomespc11.com/, acts as a guide to the new specifications, offering information directly from leading industry experts. Those wishing to find out more about how PC-11 will affect their business can access a detailed history on the development of the PC-11 specification, the latest PC-11 news and developments, and an FAQ section. Visitors can also submit their own questions for Petro-Canada Lubricants experts to answer, to ensure that every burning question is answered.

The website features a video to help visitors understand how the new PC-11 engine oil specifications will affect their business, so that an informed decision can be made on how best to adapt and profit from the change in regulations.

“PC-11 is the biggest step change that the North American heavy duty market will experience, and we have received many questions about what this will mean for businesses in a practical sense,” said Howard McIntyre, vice president, Lubricants, Suncor. “We have launched the ‘Here Comes the Future’ campaign to provide clarity and help businesses prepare to make informed choices ahead of this December’s deadline.”

“This is not only an opportunity to improve the efficiency and carbon footprint of heavy duty vehicles,” McIntyre continued. “But also a chance to recognize the potential to cut costs and increase the profitability of operations. As with all business decisions, clear understanding and early adoption could result in a genuine competitive edge.”