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Peterbilt Announcements from MATS

Peterbilt Announcements from MATS

In a flurry of announcements yesterday at MATS, Peterbilt proudly announce the following:

® Wingman® Advanced™ – a collision mitigation technology – will become standard on the Peterbilt Model 579, the company announced.

Enhancements to the Model 579 EPIQ package that deliver an eight percent fuel economy improvement for the 2018 model year.

The introduction of the PACCAR Engine Pre-Owned Warranty for Peterbilt Red Oval-certified truck customers.

The availability of the Allison TC10® fully automatic transmission on Models 567 and 579 later this year.

Peterbilt implemented its industry-leading engineered routings in all configurations of the Models 579 and 567 as well as in the iconic Model 389, further enhancing serviceability across its product lines.