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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Pan Am Games, A Disruptive Factor for Trucking

Ontario carriers are concerned about traffic congestion that could occur when Toronto hosts the Pan Am Games this summer. All carriers serving GTA customers should be concerned.

An Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) survey indicated many carriers feel their normal service levels will be in for “heavy disruptions” once the games arrive. Traffic in downtown Toronto is expected to increase and lanes on Hwy. 401 and other busy routes have been designated HOV-only for the duration of the Games.

More than 85% of responding carriers said they’re anticipating lengthy delays during the Games in servicing their customers. Only 47% said they’d developed an alternative strategy in anticipation of the Pan Am Games.

Of the 53% of carriers that have yet to develop a contingency plan, most cited “lack of customer engagement” as a reason.

Some carriers, the survey found, have warned customers that there could be disruptions to their normal service levels. A third of carriers are implementing, or considering implementing a surcharge to address anticipated increases in congestion.

OTA says it will release a final report in two weeks and are inviting more carriers to examine the website — ontruck.ca