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Organized Crime Behind Surge in Truck Cargo Thefts

(Aug. 10, 2012) – The Ottawa area is becoming a hotbed of truck cargo thefts perpetrated by organized crime members, part of a vast chain with links to GTA and Montreal, police say.

In an Ottawa Sun article, detectives call a recent spate of truck thefts “an emerging trend” of locally based organized crime — “an enormous beast” to investigate.

Police say the thieves are only one part of the organization, which is also made up of brokers and middlemen.
The thefts occur mostly on the weekends and involve a strong element of pre-planning.

According to The Sun, detectives believe it’s a crime on the rise, with the  most commonly targeted cargo being food and drinks, followed by building and industrial supplies.

One officer investigating the cases recommends companies utilize technology for protection, such as hidden GPS tracking systems and geo-fencing.