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Friday, April 19, 2024

ONE20 Looks to Become the “Go To” App for Truckers

ONE20 Looks to Become the “Go To” App for Truckers

ONE20, a company that provides tools and services to truckers, announced a new product designed to spread awareness and advocate for change on behalf of the professional driver.

ONE20 will begin publishing a quarterly TopONE20 (http://one20.com/connect/) report that will compile data generated directly from the industry’s drivers. The reports will highlight ratings and reviews for points of interest, such as travel centers and restaurants, as well as amenity-level reviews like restroom cleanliness, parking availability and staff friendliness and knowledge.

“The TopONE20 report will be the most comprehensive list of ratings and reviews the industry has ever seen,” said Christian Schenk, president and CEO of ONE20.

“The goal of the program is to highlight and acknowledge those who support truckers by providing best-in-class experiences, as well as work with affiliates and partners to make changes proactively when negative reviews are received,” Schenk said.

ONE20 will analyze and quantify data from numerous categories. Outside of general ratings and reviews, the reports will compile driver demographics/profiles and identify daily spending and purchasing habits in areas such as technology and leisure. ONE20 analysts will review the data to identify trends and themes, in order to tell a story that until now has never been told: how drivers really feel about the businesses that serve them. As the program matures, it will go even deeper and identify how weather and weekdays/times can influence driver ratings and give additional context to TopONE20 data in real-time.

“Not only will this program shed light on the best and worst in the industry, it will also enable us to continue to push for improved experiences for drivers on the road. Every day, drivers are up against dirty showers and restrooms, overpriced, bad-tasting food and a lack of parking. Our TopONE20 reports will help drivers find the places that feel a little bit more like home and offer an all-around good experience,” said Schenk. “Professional driving is hard enough; the least we can do is tell drivers where they can find a friendly smile and a meal that tastes like home cooking.”

The program will also recognize top-rated locations that will receive “Voted TopONE20″ decals for their stores, as well as special in-app badges, signifying them as a top location as voted by the American truckers.

“Next year, we plan to expand the recognition program to include individuals, so we can reward top performers for going above and beyond the normal scope of their jobs to create a better environment and experience for the professional trucker,” Schenk said.

The TopONE20 report has also identified the most purchased items in the trucking industry and has completed a price comparison report across multiple retail channels. On average, the most purchased items are 37 percent more expensive at travel centers versus online. To help drivers save money, bring awareness to overpriced retail items and help them be more efficient with their purchasing, ONE20 is launching an Amazon store specific to these top purchased items, which will allow drivers to quickly browse, add items to their carts and easily check out through their Amazon accounts. The store is for ONE20 members and can be accessed through the My ONE20 app.

“Our nation’s drivers deliver the items they most frequently purchase to the very stores that then turn around and charge them exponentially more. It’s completely backwards. Our goal with the ONE20 Amazon store is to help drive change in the industry and lower prices across the board. Helping drivers save money on the road is just one more way we can look out for the driver,” Schenk said.