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Monday, May 27, 2024

NY HUT decal back online

The New York State budget included a provision to restore OSCAR – the state’s application website for highway-use tax (HUT) registration and decal fees – has been signed by the governor and is back up online and running for out-of-state motor carriers.

Normal system internet operations appear to have returned. The only difference is the fee. The $19 fee per truck has been eliminated and has been replaced with a $1.50 per truck administration fee. The certificate of registration and the decal are still required in order to operate in New York State.

Earlier this year, New York State’s Supreme Court ruled the application of HUT on out-of-state carriers was unconstitutional. As a result, the New York Tax Department removed the ability for out-of-state carriers to register for HUT online since the OSCAR system and out of state carriers were being told to apply for decals by mail or courier.