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Friday, June 21, 2024

Navistar Launches New Online Truck Configurator for Customers


A newly re-designed online truck configurator was announced and launched by Navistar International Corp. The configurator is available for the International ProStar, DuraStar, and TerraStar models. Now, customers can better virtually design, build, and customize their International Truck from any computer, laptop, and even some mobile devices.

An improved user interface, which builds upon the previous version, allows customers to see their configurations in high-resolution, 3-D images right in the comfort of their own home.

When launching the configurator, users are first asked to choose their desired cab type. Next, come choices for length of cab-to-bumper, mirrors, bumpers, colour and other exterior features and options. Users are then asked for their preferred powertrain configuration, which includes engine, transmission, and axle options. Once the powertrain is taken care of, users are moved to the interior of the cab, where they can choose trim levels and other interior options.

When the truck is configured, users can get pricing options, check local inventory, and request a test drive from a local dealer. Considering the long working hours of truckers, this new configurator allows users to virtually view their potential International Truck of choice at any time and any place.

Navistar has also announced that configurators will be available for more models in the coming months.