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Friday, April 19, 2024

Natural Gas a Mixed Bag for Truckers, Study Says

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered trucks are being evaluated by some large trucking companies, says a new survey on the matter; however only one in 10 senior executives believe LNG will be widely adopted in over-the-road trucking in the near future.

Natural gas in the trucking industry has a high level of awareness, says a new study from PLS Logistics Services., but carriers still recognize obstacles. “The survey results appear to be a mixed bag for natural gas supporters,” says PLS Chairman and CEO Greg Burns, who says LNG appears to be getting some traction among industrial fleets such as forestry, mining, and construction but 72 percent still felt that the technology had limited adoption for industrial freight at this time.

Survey results also indicated that carriers are under no pressure from customers to move toward cleaner LNG vehicles. Just 3 percent of carriers say that their customers are actively promoting adoption by their carrier base, according to a survey report.

Topping the list of primary barriers to adoption (at 54 % of respondents), was the inadequacy of the LNG refueling infrastructure while the higher cost of LNG trucks was the next biggest obstacle.