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Friday, July 23, 2021

National Truck League Holds A Poster Contest for Kids to Thank Truck Drivers

(London, ON )— National Truck League is excited to announce that as a part of their support for the Canadian Trucking Alliance Thank A Truck campaign, they have held a poster contest for employees’ kids to submit their creative work thanking truckers. National Truck League will be announcing the winners for 3 different age categories on Wednesday, June 10th. The signs will be posted at their office on Wilton Grove in London, Ontario for all truckers to see.

Photo: From National Truck League Social Media

Rod Stiller, President of National Truck League says “Our staff has been working from home since March 18th.  Most have school aged kids at home.  To support our employees and the trucking industry Thank A Trucker campaign, we hosted a poster contest to help with activites for children at home and to heighten their awareness of the industry. We have been working with Truck Drivers for almost 30 years now and it is so refreshing to see them get the credit they are due. Truck driving can be a difficult career where you don’t get to be at home a lot and there are road dangers all the time.  During the COVID-19 crisis, they have continued to deliver supplies all Canadians need including protective equipment for medical workers.  The poster contest has given our staff an opportunity to be able to explain to their young families how truckers have made this time easier for us who have had stay at home orders.”

Photo: From National Truck League Social Media

National Truck League was one of the first from the insurance community to announce their travel medical policy covers the truck drivers across the border if they were to experience COVID-19 symptoms.National Truck League continues to support the trucking industry by providing PPE, offering financial relief to companies and offering encouragement including putting up appreciation posters to brighten their days.