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Thursday, May 30, 2024

MTO Provides Hours of Service Relief During Idle No More Protests

The Ontario Trucking Association is giving the Ministry of Transportation the thumbs up for applying the “Adverse Driving Conditions” provision of the Hours of Service Regulations to drivers impacted the by Idle No More events that took place across the province on January 16.

Below is information specific to the directive sent out to MTO officers across the province late last evening to accommodate any drivers and carriers impacted by these events:

This is to inform you that several “Idle No More” protests have resulted in Highway blockades across Ontario. These blockades have resulted in unforeseen delays for commercial motor vehicle traffic, some lasting up to several hours.

Drivers of commercial motor vehicles who have been delayed in these blockades may utilize the increased driving times provided for in Section 15 of O/Reg 555/06 – Adverse Driving Conditions.

Officers are reminded that these provisions provide for:  Up to 2 additional hours of driving/on-duty time in the 13/14 hour day rules; Up to 2 additional hours of driving/on-duty time in the 13/14 hour workshift rules, provided the driver does not exceed the 16 hours elapsed time requirements; Up to 2 additional hours of driving/on-duty time in both the 7 day – 70 hour cycle and the 14 day – 120 hour cycle.

MTO has also requested OTA remind drivers and carriers who were required to use the adverse driving conditions provision that they document it in the remarks section of their daily log as required by the regulation. This notation will serve as a reminder to officers who may check hours of service compliance in the days or months to come.  For a full copy of MTO’s Hours of Service Regulations please click here.

“MTO should be commended for their quick understanding of the situation facing trucking operations in many parts of the province yesterday and their willingness to work with the industry during this challenging time, while maintaining all compliance with the hours of service regulations,” said OTA president David Bradley.