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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Minister of Transport comments on Truck Week.


Ottawa, ON.  — The federal minister of transport, Lisa Raitt, declared her support of the trucking industry in a statement for National Truck Week.  Her comments touched on the international nature of the industry and the role trucking plays in Canada

“I am proud to support National Trucking Week 2014 and extend my appreciation to the hardworking members of this valuable industry—one that plays a vital role in our national economy and our trading relationship with the US. The trucking industry relies on an efficient national transportation system and generates more than $65 billion a year in revenue. Transport Canada supports the industry by investing in infrastructure and safety measures and by working with provincial and territorial governments, businesses and stakeholders on priorities such as fatigue management and infrastructure issues.

“National Trucking Week is a week-long celebration led by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), Canada’s national trucking group, in conjunction with provincial trucking associations. This week recognizes the impact and importance of the members of the trucking industry in moving Canada’s commodities across the country and beyond. Trucking helps to move 90 per cent of consumer products in Canada.”

“The trucking industry is important to the Canadian economy, as it employs 400,000 Canadians, and to our relationships with our partners in North America. We are looking forward to working together with all stakeholders in maintaining a robust Canadian trucking industry. I wish you a very successful National Trucking Week 2014.”