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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Meyers Transport closing after 90 years

Meyers Transport will be ceasing its LTL operations later this month, after 90 years in business.

The news of the closure came late last week and will take full effect Jan. 20, when the company will officially stop moving freight.

Natalie Meyers, the chairwoman of Meyers Transport admitted that the closure was “not the best way to start the year” however, it was a difficult decision that had to be made. “The profitability just wasn’t there. The current conditions with the volume of freight, increased competition, and a downward pressure on rates…it was hard enough to keep your lights on. So we decided we would rather make the decision to close the company on our own terms than to have that decision made for us. We’ve seen that happen with other carriers.”

Including brokers, Meyers said that 190 people would be losing jobs with the closure, though she assured the layoffs would be staggered and gradual.

Meyers added that the company’s main focus now is to ensure that none of its customers suffer with the closing and still receive the quality of service they expect.

Despite the closure, Meyers said that the family will still be active in the trucking industry through its related businesses, Mortrans and Mosaic Logistics.

Mortrans, based in Belleville, Ontario. will still provide truckload services, Meyers said. The business will be owned and operated by Larry and Natalie Meyers, while Mosaic Logistics, based in Peterborough, Ont., will be led by Jacquie Meyers.

“It has been 90 years and it’s been a good run and I want to give a big thank you to all the employees from the Meyers family, it’s been a pleasure and honor,” she said.