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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mainstay delivers new CNG fuel systems for car hauler

Mainstay Fuel Technologies and Virginia Transportation Corporation announced the completion and delivery of 30 custom designed fuel systems for use in Virginia Transportation’s new fleet of CNG powered car haulers.

The CNG-powered fleet will be utilized as part of a collaboration between Virginia Transportation and American Honda Motor Co. in Alabama. These trucks will be dedicated to routes moving automobiles from Honda’s Lincoln, Alabama factory to a new CSX rail facility, the company said.

Mainstay and Virginia Transportation said they worked closely with The Pete Store, Peterbilt, Cottrell and Fontaine Modification on this project to insure the system’s integration with the truck’s unique configuration. Mainstay engineered the fuel system utilizing a dual side-mounted alignment with two Type IV cylinders to meet the fleet’s range requirements. Peterbilt lowered the cab and chassis of the 365 Daycab, and Fontaine Modification further reduced the height of the roof and installed Mainstay’s fuel system on the chassis within an envelope required for body installation. Cottrell completed the truck by adding the carrier body to the chassis.

“This challenging cutting edge project has been a learning experience for all involved. With total engagement of the finest assembled team of suppliers, engineers, innovators, designers, visionaries, and dreamers we have brought this project to a successful completion. Virginia Transportation is honored to be next to Honda in this clean step leading to the future of auto hauling,” said Leo Dorie, president and CEO of Virginia Transportation.