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MACK supporting a project to replace Diesel with Dimethyl Ether

MACK supporting a project to replace Diesel with Dimethyl Ether

Mack Trucks are back to a project involving Dimethyl Ether. A clean burning substance that will replace diesel for a much cleaner emissions.
The president of Mack Trucks Dennis Slagle said “We believe DME shows great promise”. A DME equipped Mack Truck will begin its test. It will use a tractor that is Class 8 Mack Pinnacle. The engine itself will be 13 litres. The test will be held in partnership with the New York sanitation department and Oberon Fuels. This test is together with its parenting company, Volvo Trucks.

Now a little explanation for what DME is. Basically the Dimethyl Ether does not require any compression or storage in low temperature. The creation itself is made from all sorts of different things. Paper, wood, animal waste, agriculture waste, coal, natural gas and even municipal waste. This is a great solution for the New York sanitation department which is one of the organizers.

The fuel is not hard to maintain and easy to produce. With a very low carbon this can be produced from biological sources. The DME can be used in petrol or diesel engines and can be liquified to be used in diesel engines as DME LPG gas. One of the benefits of it is also that their emission treatment system would not be complicated and will be less expensive.

This test that Mack will make is a very important one. There will be results of whether the cost of the DME will be less in the real word against diesel costs of the fuel.

Rocco DiRico, the sanitation departments deputy commissioner said “it has potential to be a long-term option for us, and this initial test is an important first step in the evaluation process”.

This test will be held until around June so when it is finished we will know if they found a great solution.