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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Love’s adds CNG to Oklahoma travel stop

Professional drivers and motorists have a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling option in Guthrie, OK, Love’s Travel Stops announced. The Love’s Travel Stop in Guthrie, located on the east side of Interstate 35, Exit 157, is now offering Love’s Fast-Fill CNG for heavy-duty trucks and a CNG fueling option for motorists. Trillium CNG, part of the Love’s Family of Companies, will maintain the CNG fuel systems at the travel stop.

“Trillium as the CNG affiliate of Love’s strengthens the experience we can offer our Customers,” said Bill Cashmareck, general manager of natural gas for Love’s. “Trillium is the best in the industry for CNG systems maintenance and their expertise ensures operations will remain in top condition for years to come. Meanwhile, customers can expect the same level of service Love’s stores are known for.”

“Adding CNG to Guthrie, located approximately 40 miles north of Oklahoma City, is ideal due to the heavy traffic I-35 experiences and it fits in well with other Love’s Fast-Fill CNG locations,” the company added. “Drivers can now fill up with CNG at four Love’s locations on I-35 from San Antonio, Texas, to Guthrie.”

Guthrie is Love’s 18th overall location to offer Love’s Fast-Fill CNG.

In addition to CNG, professional drivers can take advantage of services and amenities at Love’s locations, including truck parking, TirePass and other Love’s Truck Tire Care services, and restaurants, the company said. Love’s said its Fast-Fill CNG offers a fill rate of greater than 10 gallons per minute, meaning a driver can fill a 100-gallon equivalent tank in 10 minutes or less.

“As Love’s and Trillium move forward together, we will keep our focus on designing and building high-quality CNG stations, both for ourselves and others. Trillium will also keep providing maintenance services for existing locations, and for others in the CNG market,” said Cashmareck.

Together, Love’s and Trillium own 65 CNG locations and operate nearly 100 additional locations.

Love’s Fast-Fill CNG stations on I-35:

1. Guthrie, OK – I-35, Exit 157

2. Ardmore, OK – I-35, Exit 32

3. Fort Worth, TX – I-35 W, Exit 40

4. San Antonio, TX – I-35, Exit 144