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Friday, June 21, 2024

Last Chance for Small Fleets to Apply for Phase-in Compliance of CARB GHG-Trailer Rule

Fleets that operate 53’ or longer dry van and reefer trailers in California must soon comply with  CARB’s Tractor Trailer GHG regulation, which requires the use of aerodynamic technologies and low rolling resistance tires on trailers and tractors. (click here for requirements).

While all 2011 and newer model year trailers must already be compliant, fleets with 2010 and older trailers have until January 1, 2012 to comply, unless they participate in one of the phase-in compliance options below:

CARB recently extended the deadline to Sept. 1, 2012 for small trailer fleets (20 or fewer trailers) to register for the phase-in option, which allows smaller fleets up to four years, from 2013-2016, to phase in compliance of pre-2010 trailers operating in California with approved GHG-reduction equipment. Information to prepare and submit plans to CARB under this option can be found by clicking here.

Large trailer fleets (21 or more trailers) must be in compliance by Jan. 1 2013 unless they already registered for the phase-in option for 2010 and older  trailers before June 1, 2012. Information for large fleets can be found here.

All fleets regardless of size must retrofit their trailers with low rolling resistance tires by January 1, 2017.

For more information, including whether some carriers qualify for exemptions, click here.or call: 866-6-DIESEL or email:8666D|ESEL@arb.ca.gov.