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Knowledge Dock

Knowledge Dock

Bendix is unleashing what it calls “a trove of commercial vehicle knowledge” at its website safertrucks.com. The site’s new multimedia center, called Knowledge Dock, is devoted to helping trucking professionals stay connected to the industry by keeping them updated on the latest in truck operation, maintenance, and safety – while also examining trucking trends and technology developments, according to Bendix.

Visitors will discover an ever-growing list of videos, blog posts, podcasts, and white papers from Bendix’s team of respected industry authorities. Two popular Bendix series – Bendix Tech Tips and the video-based Tech Talks – are also featured, the company noted.

“The new addition to safertrucks.com is accessible 24/7/365,” Bendix said. “It delivers insight, expertise, and perspectives that all industry participants – from fleet leadership, owner-operators, and drivers to technicians, regulators, legislators, engineers, and business leads – will find useful in their day-to-day operations as well as longer range planning.”

“We take our commitment to education and post-sales support seriously. That’s one reason we developed this outlet,” said Barbara Gould, Bendix director of corporate communications. “Knowledge Dock on safertrucks.com provides a fresh voice and an easy way for people to stay connected to their industry, from the technical to the topical. Plus, by making the material available 24/7/365, we ensure our industry partners can access it on their own terms, when and where they need it.”

According to the company, visitors to Knowledge Dock will find a videos, podcasts, and blog posts featuring the company’s field-tested industry professionals. Experts offer insights into all facets of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles – from bumper to bumper – including active and supportive safety technologies, energy management solutions, and wheel-end components and systems, plus air brake charging and control systems. They will also share maintenance and service information, and cover broad industry issues such as current and pending federal regulations, along with technology trends like the path to autonomous vehicles.

Those traveling to the Knowledge Dock multimedia center will also find podcast and blog post advice on helping fleets and drivers lower the total cost of vehicle ownership and strengthen their return on investment in equipment and technology.

“Our new podcast, called Truck Talk with Bendix, is hosted by Denise Rondini, president of Rondini Communications. She is a highly respected industry vet who’s been involved in trucking as a journalist and communications pro for nearly 35 years,” Gould said. “We’re so pleased to work with Denise, who enriches the safertrucks.com Knowledge Dock all the more.”

In addition to educational content, Bendix’s safertrucks.com also features details about the complete suite of Bendix safety solutions.

“We have a passion for safety and we believe that ongoing training is one of the keys to getting there,” Gould said. “Whether it’s a fleet executive seeking insight about current or pending technologies, a technician performing maintenance in the shop, or a driver doing a pre-trip inspection, safertrucks.com is a great resource. It’s easy to navigate and full of fresh materials to keep you coming back for more. We’re very pleased to offer this tool to the industry.”