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Thursday, May 30, 2024

International Truck Offers Predictive Cruise Control

International Truck revealed today it is now offering predictive cruise control technology on its ProStar and LoneStar Class 8 on-highway trucks.

The International predictive cruise control uses preinstalled GPS maps and the latest commercial route data to make adjustments to cruising speed without the need to pre-drive the route.

“Because the GPS maps and route data are already loaded, this smart technology will enable fleets and drivers to obtain greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions right out of the box,” explained Denny Mooney, senior vice-president, Global Product Development. “As a result, drivers who frequently run different routes will experience the same benefit as drivers who are used to driving a standard route.”

Predictive cruise control also optimizes cruising speed based on topographical GPS data inputs to help maximize fuel economy, according to International. It monitors driver speed, engine load, weight and the road grade in order to optimize the vehicle’s performance based on the road ahead. As a truck enters certain types of terrain, like rolling hills, predictive cruise control will modulate cruising speed to correspond to the topography.

“We’re seeing data indicating that this technology, when coupled with a Navistar or Cummins engine and an Eaton transmission, can increase fuel efficiency by up to 4%,” said Mooney. “By reducing the need for drivers to make frequent adjustments to the terrain, the system makes vehicles easier and safer to operate, thus helping our customers attract and retain new drivers and be more successful.”

To learn more about predictive cruise control, visit your local International dealer.