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Monday, May 27, 2024

Indiana State Police Target Four Wheelers Driving Dangerously Around Trucks

This week, Indiana State Police have been cracking down on four wheelers who drive dangerously around trucks.

In a campaign spearheaded by ISP Trooper Rob Hawkins, almost 100 warnings were issued to motorists during two day span.

Indiana State Police Target Drivers Who Cut Off Trucks, Follow Too Closely
During the two day enforcement campaign, Hawkins focused on motorists who cut off big rigs and those who do not give trucks enough following distance. He also warned drivers not to linger in areas where it might be difficult for a truck driver to see them.

Data from the ATA says that when professional drivers and motorists crash, the motorist is at fault well over half of the time.

In the meantime; in Ontario, MTO and OPP are doing a one day blitz to basically remind truckers to be safe, but not one mention of taking the example of Indiana to heart.