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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

In Cab Camera. Blessing or Curse?


If you thought companies requiring in cab cameras was an invasion of your personal privacy how would you feel about someone staring directly into your eyes?

That’s right, a detector in your vehicle that monitors your eyelids to make sure you aren’t falling asleep. If a driver does show signs of drowsiness, a sound will be set off to alert the driver.

The government recommended adopting the technology after a 2005 incident involving a jackknifed Whole Foods Market truck and a coach carrying a high school marching band. Recently, the Tracy Morgan crash and the truck that hit a college soft ball team in Oklahoma resulting in the death of 4 girls, has put this technology back on the agenda.

The device is expected to cost roughly $2,500 to install.

Perhaps there is a better solution to the ‘sleepy driver’ pandemic, however.

If the government really wants to prevent these accidents from occurring, they should look into making the industry less taxing so drivers don’t have to work an ungodly amount of hours just to make ends meet.

If they were just allowed to rest and sleep when they need it, maybe we wouldn’t have so many accidents.