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Friday, March 24, 2023

Highlight Motor Group Jumps Into Driver Training


Highlight Motor Group announced the opening of its Class AZ driver training college.

In partnership with leading driver training college, Highlight Motor Group has created a customized program at its Concord head office facility. The comprehensive training program uses their yard, equipment, and cross dock facility.

Highlight Motor Group says the cost of an AZ licence today is around $8,000 — and they are willing to give students the program for free.

The program was created in direct response to the overwhelming demand for quality truck drivers.

Kirk Kalinitchenko, founder, president and CEO of Highlight Motor Group said: “We are a solutions provider in all that we do, so we decided to tackle the driver shortage head-on. For young people without a university education, being a professional truck driver provides an above average wage. The demand for drivers is great and jobs are readily available at Highlight Motor Group. It is a 2 stage evaluation process for acceptance, one with the partner college and the other with our human resources department. 

Upon acceptance the candidate will be making a full time driver wage after successfully completing the 5 week program. We’re excited about introducing young people to our industry as professional class AZ drivers.”