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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Groupe Morneau acquires Total Cold Storage

Groupe Morneau acquired Total Cold Storage Dec. 8, expanding the company’s ability to provide services and integrated solutions in the transportation and logistics industries in Eastern Canada.

“The food industry is very important for a transportation and logistics service provider like Groupe Morneau,” said Andrea Morneau, president and general manager of Groupe Morneau. “A large amount of goods circulates daily between producers, processors and retailers, and Groupe Morneau benefits from specialized expertise. Our know-how, combined with that of Total Cold Storage, now allows us to provide a global and complete range of offerings under one roof for this industry, all while positioning Groupe Morneau as experts.”

Total Cold Storage, based out of Anjou, Que., offers customized services in cold storage, trichina treatment, blast freezing and inspection, with a freezer storage area that can accommodate nearly 16,000 pallets, in addition to its 10,000-foot facility. The company boasts 25 employees and has an automated distribution centre and 24-hour services.

“As a key player, we are proud to acquire a company that offers high-quality services that contribute to maintaining our standards of compliance with HACCP (hazardous analysis critical control point) regulations and preserving the cold chain,” said David Morneau, development director of Morneau Eskimo. “As a transporter and warehouse operator, we must ensure particular care is given to hygiene, safety and security of goods.”

Groupe Morneau, which has been operating for over 70 years, has the largest fleet of multi-temperature units in Quebec, as well as the largest network of terminals in Eastern Canada, with coverage in Quebec, Ontario and Labrador.