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Gap Exists Between Canada-US DEF Price

(April 9 2012) — Pricing for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) fell by a penny per gallon while bulk tote prices actually increased two cents per gallon between February and March.

According to Integer Research, which tracks DEF prices via its DiscoverDEF website, the average U.S. DEF pump price fell by a penny to $2.74 per gallon as the pump price is now down two cents per gallon since December of last year.

The company says there is no change to the pump price in Canada since the first location came online in October 2011.

At the five Pilot Flying J sites currently offering DEF in Canada the price is at about 80 cents per litre (about $3.16 per gallon in U.S. dollars).

In an interview with Fleet Owner, the company noted that generally the retail pump price of DEF is about 11 percent more expensive in Canada than the U.S. average.

Meanwhile, bulk tote prices increased two cent to $2.02 per gallon between February and March in the U.S, although Integer adds that some fleets receiving bulk DEF deliveries to permanent storage units experienced a small drop in pricing