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Forearm Forklift Helping Truckers Save Their Backs

Forearm Forklift Helping Truckers Save Their Backs

Forearm Forklifts are patented orange moving straps ergonomically designed to encourage proper lifting techniques. In fact, they reduce back injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting.

Forearm Forklift employ leverage which makes the items being carried seem MUCH lighter making it easier to go up stairs as well as turn at right angles in narrow hallways.

Forearm Forklifts save floors from scratches and scuffs that dollies and hand trucks cause sometimes. They’re adjustable up to 48″/1.22 m so you can easily carry small, medium, large and XL items. They’re portable and can conveniently be stored under or behind your truck’s seat or your glove compartment. They’re affordable too! Rated up to 800 lb./362 kg.

For more info, please go to www.ForearmForklift.com

In Canada, Forearm Forklift is available at Canadian Tire and Home Depot.