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FluidScan portable infrared oil analyzer technology

FluidScan portable infrared oil analyzer technology

Spectro Scientific introduced Version 5 of its FluidScan portable infrared oil analyzer technology. FluidScan oil chemistry analysis enables users to determine when oil is no longer fit for use due to liquid contamination or other degradation.

“FluidScan Version 5 includes a variety of new features that improve performance and enhance user experience,” the company said. “The new version of the patented FluidScan technology lowers limits of detection (LODs) on total water measurement for turbine oils from 1000 ppm to 300 ppm, boosting analysis sensitivity and accuracy. The new FluidScan oil library doubles in size from 300 oils to more than 700. The enlarged library facilitates analysis and matching of more than 97 percent of the oils Spectro customers reported using over the last 12 months. Measurement stability is reinforced by a new infrared background measurement function.”

FluidScan analysis provides direct, immediate measurement of water, total acid number (TAN), oxidation, glycol, total base number (TBN) and other parameters via Spectro’s Direct Infrared Spectroscopy (DIR) technology. DIR operates without wet chemistry and requires no solvents.

The on-site analysis capability of FluidScan technology eliminates the wait associated with outsourcing laboratory analyses. The results correlate to TAN and TBN laboratory tests conducted with ASTM D664 and D4739 titration methods and water tests with the ASTM D6304 Karl Fischer Titration method.

FluidScan V5 is an element of Spectro’s MiniLab suite of fluid-analysis systems. Together with the FluidScan V5 release, Spectro also released software and firmware updates for the rest of the MiniLab system, including SpectrOil 120C, LaserNet Fines Q230 and the SpectroVisc Q3050 portable viscometer.

Spectro president and CEO Brian Mitchell said, “This new version of FluidScan illustrates Spectro’s continuing effort to develop and upgrade its products and increase their utility and usability for our customers around the world.”