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Friday, July 19, 2024

First Red Light Cameras, Now Radar Guns without a need to stop the offender

Red Light Cameras are not new and are being widely used across the world to punish violators without stopping them and pointing out their indiscretion but Toledo is now taking the concept to a whole new level.

Now a new tool in the hands of Toledo police could soon send out a whole new type of ticket to drivers in our area. Rest assured, when other jurisdictions discover this new tool, it will be used everywhere.

If you’ve ever passed a police officer in a cruiser while going a little too fast, hoping they don’t pull out after you, now drivers, at least in Toledo, could soon get a speeding ticket from a TPD officer without ever being pulled over.

After years of clocking speed, Officer Tim Tierney is pretty good at guessing how fast drivers are going.

“That one is going kind of fast, maybe 40, right on 40,” said Tierney.

Of course he can’t write a ticket off a guess, but these new laser guns will allow him to punish speeders without even getting out of his cruiser.

The laser gun has a camera that records video of a driver’s car, license plate, and speed.

“It’s just another tool for traffic enforcement. There are certain areas where it is difficult to set up a speed enforcement. One place in Toledo that comes to mind is a construction zone. It’s very difficult to set up a speed zone, target cars and get out to conduct a traffic stop,” said Lt. Jeff Sulewski.

Now officers using the new device will not have to physically stop and write a ticket. Instead it will now be sent to the violator by mail.

“People are going to get angry and say, ‘oh they are writing more tickets.’ But you can control it if you are watching your driving, your speed, you’re never going to see a ticket form one of these things even if the officer is standing right there,” said Sulewski.

The new handheld devices are also allowed under the new state law that requires a law enforcement officer to be present, because they are operating it.

And Toledo police are not hiding the fact they will have four of these laser guns in service soon. They want motorists to know so they are always aware of their speed at all times.

“I’m a believer in it. Anytime we get people to slow down and if this makes them think,” said Sulewski.

At city council’s next meeting they will vote to pass an emergency measure to amend the current contract with RedFlex so that they include these handheld devices.

Officers could hit the streets with the new devices as early as the end of next month.