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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Firestone launches HD Air Spring App

Firestone Industrial Products Company is putting frequently sought resources and information at its customers’ fingertips with the launch of the Firestone HD Air Spring App. Compatible with both Apple and Android platforms, the free app operates around the clock, the company said.

“We engineered the app to be both convenient and comprehensive so anyone who works with our air springs—whether they are in sales, distribution, maintenance or the drivers themselves—can find the information they need, when they need it,” said Corneliu Bogdan, sales manager, heavy-duty aftermarket and OES. “The digital tool is an intuitive and cost-effective way to ensure the industry has access to our most current information and fills a void our customers currently experience.”

“The app bundles everything the heavy-duty trucking industry needs to know about Firestone air springs into a single app—no WiFi required,” the company said. “Among the app’s top features is a product cross-reference tool that allows users to enter a competitive part number into the app to find the corresponding Firestone air spring product. Users can also enter a Firestone part number to view product drawings and specifications.”

Marketing sheets and publications are available via the app’s resource library. There users can browse brochures, catalogs, datasheets, design guides, as well as new and popular products, the company added.

Further, the app’s distributor locator helps customers find a preferred or nearby Firestone distributor by searching a company name or simply using a GPS tracker, according to the company. There is also a contact forum where customers can submit questions or suggestions directly to FSIP.

To download the app, individuals should search “Firestone HD Air Spring App” in their smartphone or tablet’s app store.