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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Facilities Lacking? Porta-Potti may be the rescue For Truckers.

If there’s a “new normal” in the lives of America’s truckers, it’s the increasing closure of roadside rest stops – depriving truckers of a good place to park, stretch their legs and… use the facilities.

The answer for truckers might be bringing the facilities with them. At least that’s what one company thinks.

Thetford announced its Porta-Potti provides a sanitary and odour-free toilet that can go wherever the trucker goes. In addition, the company said, a Porta-Potti provides the safety and convenience of not needing to leave the sleeper cab.

“Porta-Potti has been the best-selling portable toilet since Thetford invented it in 1968,” said Andy Bialorucki, director of marketing. “It allows truckers to carry – and maintain – a toilet cleanly, conveniently and without odour.”

According to the company, a sealed slide valve simplifies flushing while keeping odors in the holding tank, and – combined with a holding tank deodorant like Thetford Aqua-Kem – creates an odour-free experience. When the Porta-Potti is ready to be emptied, the unit has a rotating spout that allows for sanitary and leakproof disposal.

“People from all walks of life have come to trust Thetford’s Porta-Potti,” Bialorucki said. “We have high standards for quality and reliability to assure that users receive the best product possible.”

“Truckers won’t want to leave their Porta-Potti in the truck when they return home,” the company added. “It has a wide variety of uses, including for boating and van conversions, as well as an extra toilet in cottages, cabanas, basements and pool houses. Porta-Potti is also very handy during a home emergency when there is a power or water shortage, as a bedside toilet for physically challenged adults and for children who are potty training.”