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Thursday, April 18, 2024

EPA SmartWay Expands into Canada

Natural Resources Canada has joined with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to expand the highly successful SmartWay program in Canada.

The Canadian 2012 Truck Carrier Tool has just been released and is available for carriers to register as SmartWay Partners!

By registering with SmartWay, Canadian truck carriers will be able to:

–         Reduce operating costs and emissions;
–         Attract business from SmartWay shippers;
–         Benchmark yourselves against industry peers;
–         Track and improve your fuel efficiency; and
–         Make a positive contribution to your corporate culture.

Registering for SmartWay is simple. All truck carriers  need to do is download the 2012 Truck Carrier Tool, complete it with data on fleet activities and operations, and submit this to NRCan. The Canadian truck tool is the same as the US EPAs truck tool, except that data inputs are in metric units, and all material is available in English and French, and partners are included in the program in both Canada and the US regardless of which country they register in. There is only one SmartWay Partner List, posted on both the EPA and NRCan websites.

For more information on SmartWay and to access the Truck Carrier Tool, please visit their website at: smartway.nrcan.gc.ca.