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Thursday, June 20, 2024

EOBRs Can Eliminate CSA Violations: Supplier

EOBRs can reduce the amount of time required to keep logbooks in compliance as well as help fleets improve their overall CSA scores, says an engineer for technology provider GPS Insight.

GPS Insight senior exec John Gaither says trucking companies that start adopting EOBRs now can gain significant cost savings, Fleet Owner magazine reported.

Gaither said several types of HOS violations under CSA can be virtually eliminated by using EOBRs, especially in terms of providing roadside inspectors with a simple way to check logbook data.

“EOBRs not only reduce the time drivers spend updating their logbooks – some 15 to 30 minutes per day – they eliminate the cost of paper forms and the clerical work required to file paper logbooks for six months, as well as the clerical work required to meet a DOT audit of logbook records,” he explained.

Gaither stressed that by adopting EOBRs now fleets not only can accumulate savings but get ahead of the technological curve before federal mandates impose such devices on the industry.

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