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Friday, June 21, 2024

EnviroCan Undertaking Study Regarding Environmental Tampering of Heavy Duty Vehicles

Truck engines and tractors have undergone a series of environmental regulations since 2004. These regulations have created a greener trucking industry; but they have also come at a higher cost for the purchase price of equipment and the operating costs of this equipment. The one equalizing factor of these costs is that everyone in the industry was subject to them.

However, recently it has come to the industry’s attention that maintenance facilities across Canada are offering services to circumvent environmental controls in order to reduce fleet maintenance costs and or improve fuel efficiency numbers.

The CTA Board of Directors has called on the government to end the availability of these services. Government response to the industry’s concerns has been slow; but a new study commissioned by Environment Canada of the problem expected to be released early this spring will hopefully shed more light on the problem and perhaps force a resolution. If you would like to share information regarding this problem with the author of the Environment Canada study please contact CTA’s