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Friday, March 1, 2024

ELD or ME unleashes twitter storm.


Last week, truck drivers traveled to Washington D.C. to protest the upcoming electronic logging device mandate. When they heard that President Trump would be giving a speech focusing on truck drivers, many were hopeful that their protest had led him to reconsider the regulation.

It turned out the speech was related to tax reform and had nothing to do with ELD’s. Many truckers took to social media to show how they feel about that. American Trucking Associations helped organize the Trump event, including having truck drivers present in a show of support. Those against ELD’s felt compelled to let Trump know that ATA may be pro-ELD, but many drivers are not.

The group ELD or Me unleashed tweets addressed to @POTUS and @realdonaltrump, letting their feelings be known with the hashtag #ELDorMe. A concerted effort was made to originate tweets and retweet posts containing the hashtag. The group is using Twitter to make sure President Trump knows they don’t hold the same beliefs as ATA and they want him to back the Babin-sponsored H.R. 3282 ELD mandate delay bill.

Here are examples of some of the many hundreds of tweets sent:

President Trump this Twitter storm can go on for days. Hear our voice. NO ELD
I jumped on the @realDonaldTrump train now it’s your turn Mr President to jump on the #eldorme train. We’re huge & demand to be heard
@realDonaldTrump, we need a tough leader like you to help us #knockoutbadregs #DelayELD #eldorme. The A.T.A is trying to kill small trucking