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Sunday, June 23, 2024

CTA Meets with Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Vice President Stephen Laskowski and VP of Trade & Security Jennifer Fox today appeared before the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry in Ottawa to provide insight into the food transportation system in Canada and inform the committee on the issues affecting the related sectors in the trucking industry and the food supply chain.

“CTA took this opportunity to educate the senate committee on a host of issues impacting the membership which crosses the border and service the agri-food business,” says Laskowski.

CTA covered a variety of agri-transport issues during its submission, including: the Safe Food for Canadians Act; the FDA Food Modernization Act; CTA’s own Food Safety Program; how hours of service, border operations and cabotage rules affects livestock transport; APHIS border inspection fees; and CFIA requirements for goods transiting through Canada, among other issues.

“Crossing the border continues to be a constantly evolving process that requires a true partnership between the supply chain and government agencies in order to maintain effectiveness and common sense rules that impact carriers moving agricultural products vital to Canadians and the economy,” said Fox.