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Thursday, May 30, 2024

CTA, Bison Transport Help EnviroCan Deliver Truck GHG Announcement

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and Bison Transport played host to the official launch of Environment Canada’s fuel efficiency/GHG reduction standards for heavy trucks.

The regulation moved Canada in lock-step with the U.S. rule designed to reach 20-percent GHG reduction targets in heavy trucks between 2014 and 2018.

“CTA supports the introduction of practical and effective measures to reduce the trucking industry’s GHG emissions,” says Canadian Trucking Alliance President and CEO David Bradley. “The economic interests of the trucking industry are more aligned with society’s expectations in terms of the environment than ever before. With diesel fuel prices as high as they are, it makes sense that fuel efficiency, which is the way to reduce GHG, is a priority for the industry.

The Canadian regulation is consistent with the goal of improved fuel efficiency and is a step in right direction. We don’t anticipate that it will place undue stress on either the heavy truck manufacturers or motor carriers.”

CTA is a supporter of the fuel economy regulations. However, Bradley notes that more substantial GHG reductions could be achieved if the regulation included a labelling requirement so truck buyers would know which units were “GHG compliant.” As well, “the federal government could also introduce accelerated capital cost allowance rates to accelerate the penetration of these vehicles into the fleet,” added Bradley.

In addition, CTA would like to see a program of complementary measures (repayable grants, tax credits) introduced that would spur voluntary investment in currently available and proven technologies and devices – such as auxiliary power units, low rolling resistance tires, boat tails, etc. – to improve fuel efficiency of the entire tractor-trailer combination.

“CTA understands the EPA/DOT is considering a regulation covering trailers and given Canada’s current policy of alignment with the United States, it is likely that Canada would move in this direction as well,” says Bradley. “However, given the different weights and dimensions regimes that exist between the two countries, the trailer regulation will be a much more complex matter.”

CTA would like to thank Norm Sneyd, VP, Business Development at Bison Transport for hosting the event with the Environment Minister.