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Thursday, May 30, 2024

CTA and Provincial Trucking Associations Appear Before Red Tape Reduction Commission

TORONTO – The Red Tape Review Commission, established recently by the Prime Minister to identify federal regulatory requirements in areas where businesses feel reform is most needed to reduce the compliance burden, especially on small business, is travelling the country holding hearings.  And at each stop so far the local provincial trucking association has been on hand to provide input.

The commission is made up of both Parliamentarians and private sector representatives, including Denis Prud’homme, former owner of Prud’homme Trucking and past president of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) appeared on Friday, January 28th at the commission’s roundtable discussion in Toronto. A copy of CTA’s submission can be found below, and focuses on the ongoing problem of lack of adherence to national standards governing extraprovincial trucking; the increased burden of complying with and the overlapping of border security measures; and the way certain regulations, or the way they are administered, or the lack of meaningful consultation at the early stage of their development impede innovation and competitiveness.