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Monday, May 27, 2024

Commercial Transportation of the Public During a Provincial State of Emergency

The Government of Alberta has enacted a Provincial State of Emergency, and continues to work with municipalities, organizations and businesses to support evacuated residents. The Government of Alberta’s priority is to ensure that Albertans are safe and to mitigate the threat of fire to people, homes and infrastructure.

Focusing on safe commercial transportation of the public and vitally needed goods on Alberta’s highways is important while the Provincial State of Emergency is in effect. Providing emergency response and disaster relief, and other forms of assistance that involves the transportation of passengers may normally require an Operating Authority Certificate, or subsequent amendment to an existing certificate. For passenger transportation services that directly involve providing relief to Fort McMurray and surrounding communities impacted by the fire, special permits for Operating Authority will be issued, as needed.

This provision for the issuance of special permits will be in place until the Provincial State of Emergency is lifted, and may be extended based on circumstances, if required.

Those involved in normal commercial passenger transportation activities, even in the Fort McMurray area, may still require an Operating Authority Certificate.

If anyone has any questions regarding the issuance of special permits for Operating Authority or other commercial highway transportation requirements, please contact the Carrier Services Section of Alberta Transportation during business hours.

Phone: 403-340-5444 (toll free in Alberta by first dialing 310-0000) Email: carrierservices.info@gov.ab.ca