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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CNG Stations Open on 401


Three trucks stops along Hwy. 401 in Ontario now have compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations for heavy trucks.

The stations were installed by Union Energy Solutions Limited Partnership and Clean Energy Fuels. They’re located at Windsor Travel Centre, the Flying J between London and Woodstock, Ont., and the Flying J in Napanee, Ont. The London station will offer renewable natural gas (RNG).

“Natural gas as a transportation fuel is the best solution to deliver emission reductions associated with diesel fuel from our highways, roads and communities,” said Chad Lindholm, vice-president at Clean Energy. “This network of CNG stations will enable heavy-duty truck fleets to confidently travel these routes ensuring they have sufficient fuel as they cross Canadian and provincial borders as well as travelling into the United States.”

“We are proud to introduce new CNG fuelling stations at our Flying J locations in London and Napanee,” added Clint Lawrence, region manager for Flying J. “Both travel centres are located on key stretches of highway for professional drivers, and these fuelling stations will help to make their journey smooth and seamless while offering a fuel alternative for professional drivers.”