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City of Edmonton Tridem Permits Required

Alberta Transportation issues a TAC permit when a truck is not on a Provincial Highway. It is then up to the local authority to allow these vehicles to travel on their roads or inform of the appropriate permit to be issued. Tridem groups have 3 axles with 12 tires with an allowed weight of up to 24,000kg on all Provincial highways. Since these tridem groups were first allowed in 1987, the City of Edmonton has required a permit to be issued. This has not been enforced until very recently.

The City By-law truck enforcement unit and some City Police (Truck Unit) started to enforce this municipal condition which requires each load to be permitted for each direction of delivery in the City of Edmonton. Several members of our association have been stopped and warned that if they do not start obtaining the city permit, they may be charged for an overload for any weight amount over legal provincial weights on a tandem axle of 17,000kg.

It was the Alberta Motor Transport Association’s request that the City of Edmonton allows carriers to obtain one permit valid for a year at a time, to allow tridem group axles to travel within the City of Edmonton with no routing restriction outside of restricted bridges or road bans.

Outside of this the movement of goods will be severely hampered within the City of Edmonton. A letter was sent to Ward 5 City Councilor Michael Oshry for this request.

As of April 14, 2016, the city will begin to issue Annual TAC permits, which is in alignment with Alberta Transportation, Leduc County, and Strathcona County, and as directed by Craig Walbaum, M. Sc., P. Eng. | Director | Traffic Operations | City of Edmonton.

All AMTA members that operate a Tridem axle within the City of Edmonton must contact the permit office ASAP to obtain this new yearly permit at 1-800-662-7138.

If you require more information on this issue, please feel free to contact the AMTA Compliance and Regulatory Affairs directly.