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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

CBSA Addresses CTA Concerns Regarding ACI Implementation

Earlier this summer CTA provided CBSA with a list of issues related to service and performance concerns with the eManifest Portal. In a letter to CTA CEO David Bradley, CBSA president validated the industry’s concerns regarding ACI and committed to addressing them as well as outlining an action plan.

The list of concerns sent to CBSA was detailed and lengthy. A sample includes: slow portal service, especially in the p.m; login issues; lengthy time (hours) to complete
eManifest; false screen display errors; system randomly kicking user out; customer service; and respect for commercial drivers.

“A great number of these issues have received correctional action by CBSA as a result of CTA’s intervention,” said Jennifer Fox, V.P, CTA Customs & Security. “While the industry was not pleased to see these issues emerge, we are content at CBSA’s efforts to correct them.”

CBSA’s efforts to address these issues include:

• A comprehensive post incident review
• All available resources directed to identify the problem
• Monitoring and communicating with Border Services Officers and clients
• Bulletins and communiques issued to advise status and procedures during outages
• Introduction of Regional Dedicated Officers with additional ACI training available 24/7 via dedicated phone lines published to CBSA’s web site
• Review of communication with front line staff and;
• Ongoing system analysis

CBSA has engaged CTA to collaboratively review the content and procedures for disseminating information for emergency procedures and outages. CTA will be issuing to members regularly updated FAQ documents to assist in troubleshooting a variety of issues, including operational and policy questions.

CTA members are encouraged to report service/technical issues related to the implementation of ACI and the eManifest Portal to their provincial associations. For more information on these issues, CTA members may contact Jennifer Fox at Jennifer.fox@cantruck.ca.