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CargoNet Reports cargo theft increasing

According to CargoNet, cargo theft is on the rise this year. So far, CargoNet has recorded 194 cargo thefts in first-quarter 2015, up 7% compared with first-quarter 2014. CargoNet says this number is expected to rise because of delayed reporting.

In total, $23 million in cargo was stolen in Q1 – $14 million more than in first-quarter 2014.

The average loss value also increased $83,329 per theft.

In the US, California reported the most cargo theft losses (30) in first-quarter 2015. Texas followed closely with 27. Georgia (24), New Jersey (24), and Florida (20) rounded out the top five states with the most cargo thefts.

According to the data, 33% of cargo thefts were food and beverage. Fictitious pickups were 12% of all cargo theft losses this quarter and 50% of fictitious pickup losses occurred on Thursdays, 30% occurred on Fridays.