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Friday, June 21, 2024

Cargo Thefts Down

During the second quarter of 2016, a total of 166 cargo thefts occurred throughout the United States, according to the FreightWatch International Supply Chain Intelligence Center. Compared to Q1, there was a 26 percent decrease in the volume of cargo stolen but a 35 percent increase in the average value of each stolen load ($154,184). Both volume and value are down compared to Q2 2015.

The most frequently stolen load type for April, May and June was food and drink, with nuts attracting the most attention from thieves. Rounding out the top five load types were: electronics; home and garden; clothing and shoes; and building and industrial materials.

California has led the way in most cargo thefts all year, with continually climbing rates. Texas and New Jersey had the second and third highest incidences of cargo theft in Q2 respectively.

Full truckload thefts accounted for 78 percent of all thefts in Q2, with unsecured parking as the most common location, or cause.