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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Canadian Truckers Support IBC Program Aimed at Cargo Crime Prevention

The Canadian Trucking Alliance and Insurance Bureau of Canada announced today an expansion of the joint CTA-IBC reporting  form. In yet another step towards the fight against cargo crime, IBC will extend the program to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Initially, the reporting form was developed by CTA and IBC jointly in 2011 in response to recommendations from CTA’s 2009-2010 Report on Cargo Crime in Canada. The form provides a means by which carriers can report cargo crimes to CTA and IBC. The information will then be immediately sent to law enforcement agencies across Canada, who will have the ability to search the database as required. Historically, carriers have been reluctant to report incidences of cargo theft for fear of public scrutiny, damages to corporate image, or increased insurance premiums, but this tool affords carriers an opportunity to report anonymously.

The form was initially available via PDF to be faxed or emailed to CTA and IBC. With today’s announcement of the expanded program, the form is now available online in real-time for insurers and carriers.  Furthermore, law enforcement agencies from across the country will have an ability to query the data collected by IBC, assisting in the recovery of stolen goods and apprehension of perpetrators. Data will captured, analyzed and shared, enabling the analysis of regional trends through a national lens.

“Cargo crime was estimated in 2009 to be a $5 billion-a-year problem in Canada,” says CTA president and CEO David Bradley. “In fact, we suspect the figure is much higher, exacting a huge toll on the Canadian economy and threating the security of all Canadians.

“The expansion of IBC’s nationwide database is an essential tool for recovery of stolen freight and equipment, apprehending criminals, developing and implementing appropriate countermeasures and quantifying the scope of the problem.” Bradley says. “CTA is pleased to partner with IBC and police services to help fight this growing problem and to encourage our members to utilize this newly improved tool.”

CTA continues to establish and build strategic partnerships with law enforcement, insurers, customers and carriers to work towards preventing incidences of cargo crime.

Click here for the online reporting form.