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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Canadian Gov’t Announces $46 million to Trucking

By: Jag Dhatt

Canada trucking has constantly been on the pinch for finding new recruits to the industry. With a projection of over 55,000 job openings by the end of this year reinforces the need for new blood in the industry. And to address this issue, the federal government announced $46 million in order to train and find jobs for not only drivers, but others into the industry.

The funding is under the non-profit Trucking Human Resources Canada’s Career ExpressWay Program, where participants will get training, job experience and assistance in securing a permanent job in the field

The program will allow funding for up to 1,400 new truck drivers and 1,200 workers in related fields in commercial trucking. Recently, the government has provided additional funding to attract women into this industry

The details of the grants are as follows:

  • A grant up to $10,000 will be given for the training of a new truck driver and this can be a new hire or an old employee aspiring to become a driver. An additional incentive of $10,000 wage incentives for employers to ensure that drivers are ready for roads.
  • An employer hiring an employee for a non-driving but in-demand job (which are categorized as hard to fill roles) will also be eligible for $10,000 wage incentives.
  • A grant of up to $7,000 grant for offering a post-secondary student with employment and learning opportunity.
  • An incentive of $10,000 for creating a career opportunity in trucking and logistics for youth under 30.
  • A special incentive up to $10,000 for the employers hiring and providing training to a young driver under 30.