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Monday, May 27, 2024

Canadian Fire Watch

In order to help truckers get through the Fire Season in Canada, there is a new Facebook group specifically dedicated to doing just that. The group is called “Canadain Fire Watch” and it’s open for all truckers to join.

While we’re all aware of the “Fort Mac fire” and the consequences to trucking and truckers, there is another wild fire blazing in Northern Ontario to such a degree that both Highways 11 and 17 have been closed. In the Geraldton area, a state of emergency has been declared turning off the tap of natural gas to prevent the danger of explosion and something even worse that fire loss.

The two highways have been closed because of the heavy smoke making visibly zero. I should be a minute by minute decision whether or not to open the highway but OPP were reporting a few hours ago there was no time predicted when the highways would be open to traffic.

It is strongly suggested before leaving either Winnipeg head east; or, North Bay or Sault Ste Marie heading west, that truckers check for road closures due to the fires.