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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Blue is the new black. At least it is to Meritor.


At the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany this week, Meritor rolled out its new Blue Horizon brand to Europe that encompasses its emerging platform of advanced technologies centred on electrification, efficiency, and connectivity solutions for heavy- and medium-duty commercial vehicles.

“Blue Horizon will offer a product pipeline that meets accelerating global demand for efficiency, connectivity and electric solutions across multiple applications,” said Krista Sohm, vice-president, marketing and communications for Meritor. “The brand reinforces our commitment to being the leader in developing the industry’s technologies of tomorrow.”

Right now, Meritor representatives said it is currently conducting testing on these electric solutions, and the company claims it is on-track to deliver 30 all-electric drivetrains in 2018.

Blue Horizon products include:

  • A disengageable tandem drive axle that delivers the efficiency of a 6×2 with the traction of 6×4
  • Composite driveline, built with advanced materials to reduce weight while also increasing cargo capacity
  • Advanced lube management system using electronics and pneumatics to manage critical axle components and increase axle efficiency significantly

At its press event at IAA, Meritor also rolled out its new MX-610 front drive and MZ-610 tridem rear axle for severe-duty applications.

“The front-drive steer axle and tridem are the next-generation axle combinations from our award-winning 610/P600 series and two of many new products Meritor is bringing to market as part of the company’s M2019 growth initiative,” said Tony Nicol, vice-president, front and rear drivetrain, Europe for Meritor. “Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly system delivers the quality our customers expect for severe-duty applications.”

The company also teased a new single-piston disc brake that will be unveiled for both Europe and the US next fall. The new disc brake is supposed to be substantial lighter and more cost-effective.

The new brake is currently undergoing testing. And is set to be launched at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta the last week of October.

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