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Friday, June 21, 2024

Bendix recalls nearly 195,000 trailer spring brake valves

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems notified the National Highway Traffic Administration on June 8 that it is recalling nearly 195,000 spring brake valves. According to NHTSA documents, if there is a delay of the spring brake application, the trailer may roll away after being decoupled.

More specifically, SR-5 trailer spring brake valves manufactured Jan. 1, 2004, to March 4, 2016, are affected by the recall. Valves were improperly machined without a radius on the internal check valve seat, causing a delay of application of the spring brakes while parking.

According to a NHTSA recall document, Bendix has not yet developed a remedy for the problem. Therefore, a notification schedule has not been submitted as of press time.

The SR-5 valve is a reservoir-mounted trailer valve that can control four spring brake actuators during parking or emergency applications, a NHTSA safety recall report explains. A trailer will have an audible air leak from the dash mounted park control valve or red glad hand when it is disconnected, prior to decoupling when a slow-to-park situation occurs. This leakage will continue until the trailer reservoirs and spring brake chambers are depleted of air pressure.

Truckers who have questions about this defect should contact Bendix at 877-345-9526. NHTSA can also be contacted at 888-327-4236. Ask about NHTSA campaign number 16E-045.