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Monday, May 27, 2024

BCCTC names new commissioner and deputy

The British Columbia Container Trucking Commission (BCCTC) has named Duncan MacPhail commissioner, while Michael Crawford has been appointed as deputy commissioner.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to acting commissioner Corinn Bell and acting deputy commissioner Vince Ready for their work in overseeing container trucking and ensuring truck drivers are being properly compensated,” said Robin Silvester, president and CEO at Port Metro Vancouver, which applauded the new appointments Feb. 29. “Mr. MacPhail has a wealth of knowledge in labour and employment law in British Columbia and Mr. Crawford is well versed in Lower Mainland container trucking matters. We are confident we will see continued stability among truckers authorized to serve the port.”

Port Metro Vancouver has been actively working with the BCCTC’s office and the federal government to implement the recently reformed Truck Licensing System, which the port says have been internationally recognized for innovation and the ability to address ongoing issues common to the port trucking sector.