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BC works toward solving Truck Parking Problem

Construction officially began work 8 Aug 2016 on a new truck parking facility in Delta to benefit commercial truckers traveling to or working in the Lower Mainland. The site will open to commercial truckers this fall.

“Parking facilities for commercial trucks are a much-needed addition to our transportation infrastructure,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone. “This new parking facility will help support those working in our trucking industry by providing a safe place to park overnight, with amenities like washrooms and convenient access to major highways.”

The new truck parking facility is being built on provincial land on Nordel Way at Highway 91 in Delta, across from the Nordel commercial vehicle inspection facility. The facility will have room for up to 40 heavy trucks to park overnight and will include lighting, washrooms, garbage cans and a sani-dump.

“Trucking is essential to our economy, with more than $3 billion in goods trucked between our gateway ports and the rest of Canada each year,” said Delta North MLA Scott Hamilton. “This truck parking facility supports the industry by offering a safe, convenient place to park.”

Site preparation on the $2.8-million project began last year. A $1.87-million contract has been awarded to BD Hall Construction to complete the facility.

“Purpose-built commercial truck parking facilities like this one on Nordel Way are important for the industry, and they’re important for our communities, as well,” said Surrey-Fleetwood MLA and Community, Sport and Cultural Development Minister Peter Fassbender. “These facilities provide parking options for commercial drivers, which will result in fewer large trucks parked on local streets.”

Also in support of the province’s trucking industry, the Government of B.C. recently amended regulations to increase the allowable length of boat tails, which are rear-mounted trailer panels that reduce aerodynamic drag to improve fuel economy. Regulations were also amended to increase the allowable length of “B” train commercial vehicles. These changes harmonize B.C.’s regulations with other Canadian jurisdictions and improve the efficiency of the commercial trucking sector.

“This new parking facility will be welcomed by the trucking industry and we look forward to future additions to parking infrastructure around the province,” said BC Trucking Association president and CEO Louise Yako. “Also of importance to our members are government’s regulatory changes, which will allow them to use more fuel-efficient tractors and maximum-length aerodynamic devices on trailers. These will not only save operators money on fuel, but also help our industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The facility at Nordel Way and Highway 91 is the first of at least two new truck parking facilities, a commitment in B.C. on the Move, the Province’s 10-year transportation plan. Evaluations for a second facility in the Lower Mainland are underway.