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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

ATRI Lists Top 10 Critical Issues

The American Transportation Research Institute, the trucking industry’s not-for-profit research institute, unveiled its top industry issues report, which includes the list of the top 10 critical issues facing the North American trucking industry.

The looming implementation date of the federal mandate on the use of electronic logging devices topped the list of trucking industry concerns, with more than 65 percent of respondents concerned about productivity impacts the industry may experience from full deployment of ELDs.

The complete results of the annual survey, which generated more than 3,200 responses from motor carriers and commercial drivers, were released at the 2016 Management Conference and Exhibition of the American Trucking Associations meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, the nation’s largest gathering of motor carrier executives. The ATRI Top Industry Issues report also includes prioritized strategies for addressing each issue.

Dropping one position from its top ranking the past three years, hours-of-service stayed near the top of the list due to ongoing uncertainty of a final HOS rule. Ranking third in this year’s survey, the cumulative economic impacts of trucking regulations is a new category on the annual list and reflects the industry’s collective frustration with increasing and often costly regulatory requirements.

The lack of available truck parking moved up again this year to fourth place overall, and the state of the nation’s economy rounds out the top five concerns on the list.

“The results of ATRI’s survey reflect what I’ve heard from carriers and drivers as I’ve traveled the country this year on behalf of ATA,” said ATA Chairman Pat Thomas, senior vice president for state government affairs at UPS. “The ever-increasing regulatory burdens placed on the industry, coupled with the sluggish economy, are creating challenges for trucking as we work hard to keep America moving forward.”

“Knowing what the industry is concerned about and what strategies it views as most promising for addressing each issue allows ATA and its federation partners in the states to better focus our collective efforts on behalf of motor carriers and their employees,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “The ATRI survey results provide the roadmap we need to put wins on the board for this industry and the nation’s economy as a whole.”