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Sunday, March 3, 2024

ASA Electronics released observation equipment to increase safety


ASA Electronics released a new observation equipment for the heavy duty and commercial markets aimed at increasing safety.

The Voyager VOM43HD is a 4.3-inch observation monitor that uses programmable graphic overlays to show the vehicle’s distance from objects in real time.

The monitor’s programmable auto scan of the cameras and built-in speakers let the driver not only see but hear what is going on around them.

The LCD screen features anti-glare and scratch resistant lenses and is LED backlit. This monitor is designed specifically for compact equipment and will fit virtually anywhere. The VOM43HD is also engineered to weather the elements with a rugged IPX6-rated waterproof enclosure. Tactical control buttons along the right-hand side add to the design.

These controls allow the driver to easily select between three wired camera inputs and control a number of other menu selectable features. Menu options allow the user to manually adjust the colour, contrast, brightness, and tint of the monitor. The VOM43HD also has three manual dimming modes for increased ease of use in daylight and at night.